You are welcomed by the Department of Physics and Methods of Teaching!

The department provides educational and professional programs in the specialties “Physics and Astronomy” (104), “Applied Physics and Nanomaterials” (105), “Secondary Education. Physics (014.8), Computer Engineering (123), Electronics (171) and trains specialists in educational and qualification levels – bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students, under the direction of the teachers of the department, conduct basic and applied research in the field of physics, natural and technical sciences; mathematical modeling of processes in natural, technical systems; development of equipment and techniques for the study of physical processes and phenomena; are preparing to become teachers of physics and related disciplines in educational establishments of any level of accreditation: from schools, lyceums, high schools to universities.

Topics of the graduate work of the department are related to physics, astronomy and methods of teaching physics. The Department of Physics and Teaching Methods is the graduating department in the specialty “Secondary Education. Physics (014.8), which in particular provides for the training of future physics teachers.

The material base of the department includes:

  • large physical audience;
  • laboratory of physics methodology;
  • laboratory of electricity and magnetism;
  • computer class.

In the laboratory of teaching physics students carry out laboratory work on the methods and techniques of educational physical experiment, covering the main demonstration and laboratory experiments in the school course of physics, laboratory work in the school physical workshop; preparation of the regional team of young physicists for the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, as well as training in physics of the Academy of Sciences.

On the basis of the laboratory of the methodology of teaching physics, classes are held with physics teachers who undergo advanced training courses; seminars of physics teachers, regional seminars of methodologists-physicists, scientific and practical conferences of physics teachers.

In the laboratory of electricity and magnetism, most of the laboratory work is carried out with the use of new information technologies. There are also laboratory work, during which students acquire practical skills, drawing electrical circuits and measuring physical characteristics of processes.