Free choice courses

According to paragraph 15, Article 62 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, persons studying in higher education institutions have the right to choose the educational disciplines within the limits stipulated by the respective educational program and curriculum, to the extent of not less than 25% of the total the number of ECTS credits provided for this higher education level. At the same time, students of a certain level of higher education have the right to choose the courses offered for other levels of higher education, in agreement with the head of the relevant faculty or department. ”

Accordingly, students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology choose the subjects within the limits stipulated by the curriculum, according to which they study according to the chosen specialties and in accordance with the Regulations on the implementation of higher educational establishments of the Volodymyr Stefanyk Precarpathian National University on the right to free education. disciplines approved by Order No. 271, dated 24.06.2016.

Положення про порядок реалізації здобувачами вищої освіти права на вільний вибір навчальних дисциплін

Наказ № 271 від 24.06.2016

Заява на вільний вибір навчальних дисциплін



Regulations on the procedure for the realization by the applicants of higher education of the right to free choice of educational disciplines


# 271 of 6/24/2016

Application for the free choice of courses