Introducing teachers to learning innovations

February 18, 2020 scientists of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Carpathian National University. V. Stefanyk attended a workshop for teachers of physics and astronomy at the WSO, held at the Center for Educational Innovation.

In the scientific-theoretical block of the seminar were discussed the issues of “Integration of modern electronic means into the educational process” and “3-d modeling”, initiated by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, prof. I. Gasyuk and physics teacher at the College of Electronic Devices, O. Aronts. The Head of the Department of Physics and Methods of Teaching, Ph.D. I. Lischinsky. In the practical block of the seminar, teachers had the opportunity to participate in master classes, among which were “Digital Tools for the Teacher of Physics”, conducted by Ph.D. G. Voitkov.

Thanks to the organizers for a meaningful meeting and the opportunity to communicate with the teacher practitioners!